Starbucks' Adorable Spring Cups Are On The Way! (Photos)

We all know pumpkin spice season is officially upon us -- as well as the winter holidays -- the second the big-time coffee chain Starbucks officially releases its winter red cups to the public every year. This tradition has been going on for 20 years, so it has obviously been a very successful one.

People go absolutely nuts over the design and the cozy implications of the cups, which is probably why Starbucks decided to cash in on a big thing and announced on March 9 that it's welcoming in the warmer weather with its introduction of Spring Cups.

Springtime officially arrives on March 20, and with the warmer weather comes brighter colors, more sunshine, and flowers upon blooming flowers fighting through previously snow-covered soil (at least, that's probably what it was like before global warming started to mess up the system).

Therefore, Starbucks' first-ever hot beverage Spring Cups will be available beginning March 16 at Starbucks stores in the U.S. as well as Canada for a limited, seasonal time.

So what do these cups look like, exactly?

Well, for one thing, they come in all three standard sizes offered at Starbucks participating stores: grande, tall and venti.

Next, each cup comes in a cheerful and spring-like color, and will come decorated with white dots and hand-drawn designs.

Those designs range from cute doodles of the sun (very spring appropriate) to umbrellas (perhaps to shade people from sunburns? Or because there are still spring showers?).

Are you excited to see these cups for yourselves?