Starbucks Goes Hipster With Its New Mason Jars

Starbucks is trying out a new look, it seems ... by giving the mason jar a chance to shine like the hipsters. Customers in Singapore can now get their cold brew in one such jar, if they want to be cool.

Mashable reports that South Korea customers were blessed with Starbucks mason jars first, with a line of green-capped jars available to them in 2016. But Singapore's mason jars of today come with black lids, apparently to match their fancier Reserve brand. I guess that's what's in right now.

The jars are marked with a Starbucks logo, and we think they're probably great for the environmentally conscious consumers who don't want to create more trash in the world. According to Seventeen, Starbucks has confirmed that the black-lidded jars are only available in Singapore right now (the green lids are still offered in South Korea). The jars are $8.50 or $5.90 if you buy yours filled with cold brew.

Just because you don't have access to the mason jar glasses in the U.S. yet, doesn't mean you have to settle for disposable plastic cups, so don't get down. Sure, it's disappointing that we don't get the trendy new jars (unless they plan to surprise us for summer?), but Starbucks still sells lots of different to-go cups and mugs that can be re-used. So that's what we'll have to settle for using in the meantime. 

Who knows? Maybe they're planning on giving us something even cooler and trendier than silly old mason jars. Maybe they're giving us ombre mugs or something. That would be fun and different! Just keep your eye out for interesting new finds. I'm sure we'll get something cool.

Also, don't forget that we can still get that nice Reserve brand of cold brew with or without the mason jar mug. We don't need a hipster mug to help us enjoy our coffee anyway. I'm happy enough just to have that yummy cold brew Starbucks is so great at making.

Not that it wouldn't be nice to have a cool-looking glass …