Starbucks Has Yet Another Colorful Drink: The Orange Drink

Stop the presses. Prep your Instagram feed. Start your engines.

Starbucks has a new, colorful secret menu drink, and this one might just be the most delicious one yet. Called the "Orange Drink," the exciting beverage combines orange mango juice, coconut milk, and two scoops of vanilla powder to create a tantalizing taste sensation that Food Beast likens to a classic Orange Julius.

If you’re not already hooked, we have more news—the drink is available shaken or fizzed! Simply tell the barista which innovative version you prefer, and prepare for a delicious glass of refreshing summertime fun.

The unofficial introduction of the Orange Drink comes on the heels of a wave of secret menu Starbucks drinks that have been dominating social media for weeks. Starbucks representatives have even gone so far as to encourage customers to get creative with the coffee chain’s offerings—meaning that the trio of colorful drinks might prove to be just the tip of the secret-menu iceberg!

While we love both blackberry and strawberry flavored drinks, there’s something about the combination of orange and mango that screams summer. If you’re looking for an innovative form of refreshment and an enlivened Instagram feed, there’s no reason not to try the Orange Drink for yourself!

Check out some photos of the gorgeous sunset drink below, and then get to ordering! Personally, we’ll be heading to our local Starbucks as soon as possible—after all, there’s no telling when a new secret menu item might dethrone the Orange Drink and take the Internet by storm!

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