Starbucks Introduces Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino For The Summer!

Starbucks is debuting the Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino for the summer, giving us another reason to wish that the summer lasted forever.

For those days when you can't decide between an ice cream cone or a Starbucks drink, the Caramel Waffle Cone Frappuccino gives us that happy medium we've all been waiting for.

It will be available in the United States and Canada starting May 3 until the end of the summer, while supplies last. I can’t enjoy this until I’m back home in August, so hopefully there will be plenty of “supplies” left when I get back to Chicago.

Described as “a carnival delight, all grown up,” the Frappuccino consists of a sweet blend of caramel waffle cone syrup, dark caramel sauce, coffee, milk, and ice, topped with whipped cream, more dark caramel sauce, and waffle cone pieces.

Waffle cone syrup, what is that? Is it as delicious as I hope it’ll be? For those of you who are as curious as I am, Frappuccino happy hour is back until May 15, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day. Get a Frappuccino for half price, either this delicious new Frappuccino or one or your tried-and-true favorites.

The Campfire Classic S’more Frappuccino will also come back for the summer, so we can pretend to be at a bonfire with our closest friends instead of working at the office. Once again, Starbucks knows how to please the kid inside of us all. 

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