Starbucks Introduces New Drinks For The New Year (Photo)

Christmas is over and New Year's looms ahead; limp trees will soon line the sidewalks if they haven't already, Santa hats will be traded in for plastic 2018 party glasses, elf shoes for stilettos and white beards for black ties.

The same transition is occurring in specialty drinks at Starbucks, which is now moving aside Christmas jolly for formal affairs. The Black and White Mocha Collection will usher in the 2018 year with a bang and a boom.

The black and white themed collection includes a trio of white chocolate and dark mocha flavors as hot chocolate, coffee and frappuccino beverages. The Black and White Mocha starts off with Starbucks' signature espresso roast, then silky swirls of white and dark chocolate are mixed in with steamed milk and finally topped with whipped cream and chocolate sequins to resemble a black tie.

The Black and White Frappuccino is the frozen sibling of the Mocha, while the Black and White Hot Chocolate combines dark and white chocolate mocha sauce, steamed milk and whipped cream, then finished with chocolate sequins.

The black-tie trio beverages are now on sale at participating Starbucks locations nationwide and will be available through the new year while supplies last. But if these are anything like Starbucks' recent streak of viral coffee concoctions, then you'll want to act fast -- delicious chocolate sequins will only be around for so long.

Starbucks debuted the collection on social media on Dec. 27 and has answered questions from fans. One Twitter user pointed out that she has been ordering Black and White Mochas for years, which means -- chocolate sequins aside -- you can get a "New Year's" drink all year round. Starbucks Twitter responded to the user explaining that the coffee company gave the beverage an official name that can be easily ordered on Starbucks Mobile Order app.

Starbucks released a color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino, followed quickly and less virally by the Dragon Frappuccino -- a sinister sister to the Unicorn. The fabulous Mermaid Frappuccino, complete with edible pink pearls, pink and green swirls, and blue whipped cream, went viral in Mexico during summer 2017. Comparatively, the Black and White Frappuccino is subdued, with far fewer colors and sugar, but tasty nonetheless.