Starbucks Introduces Two New Artisanal Coffee Drinks

Great news for coffee lovers—Starbucks is upping its game in an attempt to satisfy customers’ desires for artisanal, small-batch brews. The coffee giant recently announced that it would start carrying two new types of cold brew coffee this summer—expanding its repertoire of high-end drinks that cater to “third-wave” coffee connoisseurs.

The first new drink, aptly named Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, consists of a combination of Starbuck’s existing handcrafted cold brew and handcrafted vanilla sweet cream. While the concept seems simple enough, both ingredients will be made in small batches at each location daily—adding an artisanal element to the chain’s usual offerings. According to “POPSUGAR,” the trademark richness of the cold brew coffee pairs wonderfully with the subtly vanilla-flavored cream, making it the perfect drink for anyone who loves coffee.

Starbuck’s second new drink is a little more out of the box, and a lot more exciting. Starting this summer, the coffee giant will officially become the largest beverage chain to offer Nitro Cold Brew Coffee—handcrafted cold brew infused with bubbles of nitrogen and served cold, straight from the tap. “Fortune” reports that the drink’s nitrogen bubbles in result in a slightly sweet, creamy taste, and “POPSUGAR” claims that the new brew is so velvety that “you don't even realize there's no milk.”

Unfortunately, while the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew will be available at Starbucks locations nationwide starting May 31, the Nitro Cold Brew will only be introduced in select cities. By the end of the summer, however, the chain expects that its bubbly new beverage will be available at 500 stores in Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Fortunately, if you’re not in any of those cities, Caribou Coffee and many smaller coffee shops also offer Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee. Either way, rest easy, knowing that there are several exciting new ways for you to get you caffeine fix this summer.