Starbucks Is Officially In The Avocado Toast Game

Avocado everything is the latest food trend. Chocolate avocados for dessert? Yes, please. Avocado spread on my toast? I promise I was doing that before it was cool.

Anyway, Starbucks has decided to jump onboard with this trend by offering an avocado spread of its own. Eater reports that it's available to buy along with your bagel for only $1, which sounds a bit sketchy to me, since avocados are basically known for being an expensive produce. The product, however, is said to be made of organic Hass avocados, lime juice, jalapenos, sea salt, onion and garlic. Sounds pretty similar to guacamole, actually. Now that you mention it … this stuff may not taste that great on a bagel.

Not only is it pretty cheap and chock-full of guac flavor, it's also surprisingly bright green. What's that about? BuzzFeed writers decided to try the spread and, not surprisingly, found that it tasted more like something you'd prefer to eat with chips than something you'd enjoy on a bagel or slice of toast. However, they did admit that it would do the trick if you were in need of avocado but there weren't any fresh ones on hand. That's fair.

Apparently, if you want the nutritional information for the spread, you have to call a phone number. That also seems a little strange to me, but if you don't mind then go for it. Better than no avocado, right?

Starbucks isn't only serving up avocado spread as a new item, it's also offering some other new menu choices. For example, have you noticed the new parrot-shaped cake pops? I'm not sure if anyone knows why these are a thing, but we'll take it. There is also a new gluten-free breakfast sandwich, so those of us following gluten-free diets are free to indulge for breakfast as well.

Thanks, Starbucks, for keeping up with the trends! Even if that means we're eating guacamole on our toast.