Starbucks Japan Has The Cutest Menu Items Ever (Photos)

Starbucks Japan Has The Cutest Menu Items Ever (Photos)

Why don't we have this in America?

Now that spring is here, as well as the holiday season, there's no shortage of interesting food and beverage promotions happening in the U.S. Many companies and chains are pumping out offer after offer to entice customers to purchase their delicious new treats in celebration of Easter and the warmer weather.

However, different countries very often produce their own exclusive treats and promotions to celebrate as well, and those creations aren't always available in the U.S.

Add this amazing new concoction to the list of things we cannot purchase unless we visit Japan: The American Cherry Pie Frappuccino at Starbucks.

Honestly, this thing looks amazing: It's a blend of cherry sauce, vanilla-flavored cream for the base, and a healthy dollop of whipped cream.

What makes this just like a pie, however, is that all of that deliciousness is situated underneath an entire dome of pie crust.

Peep this brilliant drink (with a built-in snack):

What? This is so innovative! According to Eater, Starbucks baristas in Japan make the drink first by layering the cherry compote, vanilla-flavored froth, whipped cream, and even more compote (you can never have enough compote) and then carefully place the pastry dome on top of the beverage.

Next, they pierce the dome carefully with a straw so that constumers can get at that cherry frappe before chowing down on the pie crust as a dessert.

So cool!

Additionally, Starbucks Japan rewarded its customers by adding a brand new matcha pudding to its menu on April 1, and judging by the Instagram photos, the new dessert looks so satisfying.

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The pint-sized puddings are available in three separate variations with unique quotes. According to Popsugar, you can get the "Each day is a gift" matcha, the "It's time to start!" variety, or the "Make someone's day" treat.

Ugh. So jealous.

What do you think of all the cool treats and beverages exclusive to Starbucks Japan?