Starbucks Launches A Minty Christmas Tree Frappuccino (Photos)

Christmas is in full swing at Starbucks -- two holiday cup releases, one red, one white, and now a photogenic mint chocolate-flavored Christmas Tree Frappuccino to kick off ABC Family's Christmas countdown and a hellish repetition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You." The holiday season is officially here!

December 7 marks the first day of the coffee chain's limited-edition Christmas Tree Frappuccino. The drink will only be available through Dec. 11 across the U.S. and Canada.

Made with a Peppermint Mocha Creme blended base, the sugar bomb of a drink is made to look like a decorated Christmas tree! (Queue the Instagram photos.)

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, youíve been turned into a Frapp for me #starbucks #christmastreefrappuccino

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Matcha-dyed whipped cream towers over the cup to form a leafy green conifer tree, decorated with caramel garlands and candied cranberry ornaments, topped with a dried strawberry tree topper. From the sound of it, this drink is meant to be snapped and 'grammed.

But before you order your delicious Christmas Tree Frap, you should know it could be a hit or a miss. Today reported how their "Insta-worthy" drink turned out, pictured below.

Stripped of its garland and edible ornaments (unavailable at the time of ordering), the Christmas Tree Frap looks like a regular mocha Frappuccino with a faint green topping. As for the visual presentation, you could end up something like the sweater you'll be wearing to holiday parties -- something ugly, in other words.

Compare that to Starbucks' advertisement picture (below) and you're left feeling like you got the short end of the stick. The drink is mostly brown, which logically represents the tree stump, but outshines the otherwise festive but barely noticeable green whipped cream. The tree is small and if you're into the pitiful Charlie Brown Christmas tree look, this will be a delightful treat.

Delish reported that it tasted like a classic Peppermint Mocha with a slight tartness from the candied cranberry topping and dried strawberry, but the matcha whipped cream is otherwise too subtle to taste. While AZ Central dubbed it close to a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie.

If not for the taste, some people will do it for the "likes" or for the joy of a caffeine rush dressed innocently in Christmas overtones.