Starbucks' New Coffee Changes Colors! (Photo)

Starbucks' elusive Unicorn Frappuccino has officially left the coffee chain's kingdom leaving behind a trail of sticky syrups, pink powder, and a taste for aesthetically-pleasing beverages.

In its place is Starbucks' new and enchanting beverage for the bubblegum age -- or anyone who prioritizes the look of an Instagram-worthy drink over the taste.

Introducing the "Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew," a kind of drinkable mood ring that serves as an Instagram prop and a visually-stimulating caffeine fix.

The ingredients that go into the drink combine to form a color-changing beverage. From top to bottom, the drink layers cold brew coffee, lemonade, and the magical ingredient, Butterfly Pea Flower tea. The tea, available exclusively in Asia, is a powdered ingredient commonly found in Thai and Malaysian cuisine and gets its magical abilities from its sensitivity to pH. Like hydrangea flowers, which change color depending on the soil's pH, the color of butterfly pea flower tea changes depending on what it's mixed in with. Adding lemon, for example, transforms the tea from a deep cobalt blue to a Lisa Frank-ian violet.

But contrary to its predecessor, the Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks' new vibrant beverage is not sweet nor syrupy. The taste has been described as "earthy" and "woody" and similar to a green tea, according to Bon Appetit. Starbucks' take on the Asian tea leaf is just a tad sweeter with the addition of lemonade. But, as a whole, how tasty can a coffee-lemonade hybrid be? To give your taste buds some perspective, imagine a bolder and darker Arnold Palmer.

The beverage, which is only available in select markets across Asia, is also for a limited time only. The company has not announced whether this color-changing commodity will be brought to the states for U.S. customers to try either. Luckily, an expired passport will not stop you from getting a taste of colorful cold brew.

The most difficult ingredient to find, Butterfly Pea Flower tea, is available on Amazon and the rest can be picked up at any supermarket. Cheers to miraculous mixology!