The Maple Pecan Latte||Starbucks' Maple Pecan Latte

Starbucks' New Drink: The Maple Pecan Latte (Photos)

2017 could the year that the infamous PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) walks off center stage, to make room for new fall flavor lineups.

Enter stage left: The Maple Pecan Latte, the equally sweet Starbucks beverage to have and to hold during this crispy leaf season.

Also called MPL, in Starbucks lingo, the tasty drink is concocted with "maple pecan sauce that has hints of maple syrup, pecan, and brown butter," according to Delish. Slow down there -- it's starting to sound like a Thanksgiving pie. It's not November already, is it?

Made with Starbucks' classic signature espresso, it's also topped off with orange and white sugar crystals to create a highly Instagrammable drink that you can bet will feature scenic backdrops with colorful foliage, that may or may not mention "fall's crisp air." There is no shame in enjoying the fall festivities. (I do this too.)

Oh, look! A picture of the MPL, featuring a colorful array of paper foliage (below).

Starbucks' New Drink: The Maple Pecan Latte (Photos)

The hungry people of Delish reported back on the new flavor, to do the assessment for us, with a resounding consensus, "It was pretty delicious."

"It's less sweet than a PSL," Delish continued. "And smelled like pancakes with syrup. The taste wasn't too intense, but definitely had the 'nostalgic, comforting' vibe Starbucks was going for." The Barista told Delish that almond milk pairs well with the pecan latte, adding a certain nutty taste to it.

Cozy, syrupy, nostalgic, nutty -- the kinds of tastes and sensations you'd want out of the fall season. Step aside, PSL -- the MPL takes the cake this year.

MPLs will hit the chain's menus beginning September 22, in honor of the first day of fall. Ask Siri or Cortana to save the date!

Also to appear at Starbucks locations will be new fall cups, in purple, blue and orange jewel tones with blank white circles to be filled with fall sketches by you (or if you're lucky, an artistic barista). Check out these fall-inspired designs below, drawn by Madison Flager.

Starbucks'  Maple Pecan Latte

As with most of Starbucks' seasonal drinks -- the MPL and festive cups are limited edition. So, you know the drill -- get them while they last … and also don't forget to bring a sharpie!