Starbucks' New Matcha Pink Drink Isn't Cute IRL (Photos)

Aw, man.

The problem with social media -- well, one of the problems, anyway -- is that when it is used as a platform to share beautiful and unique foods, sometimes the online presentation of the meal is much, much more appealing than the actual meal itself.

Sure, we could probably have guessed that, but to be honest, in the past a lot of the viral food trends have pretty much lived up to the hype when we've gotten our hands on them in person! The ramen burger was just as impressive IRL as on the screen; the rainbow bagel just as vibrant.

But unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the newest Starbucks drink that has been making the rounds on the internet.

The new secret drink, which is called the Matcha Pink Drink, made quite the splash on social media due to its beautiful two-tone pink and green hue. 

But when people ordered the drink -- which is actually a Strawberry Acai with coconut milk and matcha, which sounds totally delicious and like a must-try -- in real life, they were pretty disappointed with what ended up actually being presented to them.

"Please don't be fooled by food dye and faked Insta pics," one disappointed Instagram user wrote.

"The Starbucks #matchapinkdrink except that it doesn't look like the pictures I've seen on Instagram," lamented another user. "So #matchapinkdrinkfail I guess it is ! My Starbucks made this drink 5 times and it still doesn't look right though much better than the first dookie brown one they made...and I already drank a powder blob of matcha because it's clearly not mixed."

Oh well. Hopefully, Starbucks will get it together and start executing these beauties to perfection!