Starbucks Offers Limited Edition Frappucino

For one week only, Starbucks will be offering a limited-edition Frappuccino found previously only in Japan in the United States.

The Cherry Blossom drink is petal-pink. It’s mixed with strawberries, crème and white chocolate sauce. The drink is then drizzled with matcha syrup, which provides a swirl of green halfway up the drink and gives the illusion of a green tea flavor. Finally, the drink is topped with matcha-dusted whip cream.

The drink premiered in 2010 in Japan, but is just now coming to the United States.

The drink will be available from March 15 to March 20 in celebration of spring. Incidentally, the drink is timed perfectly to coincide with predictions for Washington DC’s peak blood period for the cherry blossoms across the city.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of renewal in Japan, where families often gather under and enjoy picnics and parties to celebrate the start of spring or the new school year.

For those who aren’t excited about the new drink, the fact that Starbucks is presenting international drinks in the first place should be good news. Who knows what’s next, but let’s hope it’s the Chocolatey Crumble Cocao Frappuccino from Japan.