Starbucks' Rainbow Of Drinks Is Almost Complete

We have a feeling that 2016 might shape up to be your most colorful summer ever.

Thanks to the emerging popularity of Starbucks' secret menu, coffee lovers around the world are customizing their beverages in order to create a rainbow of gorgeous, refreshing drinks. What started with the famous Pink Drink has now expanded to include Purple, Orange, and even Blue Drinks!

According to Seventeen, the exciting new Blue Drink is created from a combination of Passion Ice Tea, vanilla syrup, and soymilk. While it’s still unclear as to what renders the drink blue, there’s no question that the resulting beverage is both beautiful and on-trend.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most awe-inspiring images of Starbucks' secret menu drinks. Plus, be sure to check out the Cooking Panda Instagram page for our own take on the Starbucks rainbow!

Unfortunately, while looking at photos of beautiful drinks is great, there’s nothing better than actually drinking them! We suggest that you read through the image captions for the posters’ recipes, and then head to your local Starbucks to craft your own rainbow of drinks!

Don’t forget to take the requisite Instagram of your colorful beverage before sipping your way to a land of coconut and fresh fruit!

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Follow me on Snapchat ?? "JCastro93" ?? to keep up with my food adventures! ????????Like when @Foodwithmichel, @LoveTram, @Healthnutlife @HungryHugh and I got drinks to end all secret menu drink photos. ?? I seriously can't think of any other possible colors...???? #DrinkTheRainbow How to order each one: ?? #PinkDrink: Strawberry Acai Refresher replacing water with coconut milk ?? #PurpleDrink: Passion Ice Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup and blackberries ?? #OrangeDrink: Orange Mango Juice mixed with 2 scoops vanilla bean powder and topped with coconut milk. ?? #GreenDrink: Black Tea with matcha and coconut milk. ?? #BlueDrink: Passion Ice Tea with soy milk and vanilla syrup. ??: @Cookeatlift ??: @Starbucks ??: Snapchat JCastro93

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