Starburst Is Releasing All-Pink Flavor Bags In April!

When it comes to bags of candy, everybody seems to have a favorite flavor or color depending on what they're eating.

For instance, even though M&M's all taste exactly the same, for some reason I have always favored the green ones over the rest of them -- perhaps because of the way M&M's have been anthropomorphized in advertising, or just because I think the color looks pretty.

Additionally, I am a huge fan of the red and purple skittles, while some of my friends swear that the yellow ones reign supreme.

For some reason, however, when it comes to Starburst, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of people who agree that the pink ones truly are the best flavor ever.

We don't know why everybody always covets the pink ones, but they do -- and Starburst has apparently taken notice of the fact, because the brand is celebrating pink Starburst in a major way.

Fans of pink Starburst will be pleased to know that Starburst is planning on releasing All Pink flavor packs in April 2017 for a limited time.

"On social media we’re seeing people talk about pink Starburst more than any other flavor; there’s even a meme about being treated 'like a Pink Starburst,'" Matt Montei, senior director of confections at Wrigley, told Mashable. "The Pink conversation and fanfare has continued to grow so we decided to act."

That means that you'll be able to stop by a handful of retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Target, H-E-B and Meijer, and just pick up a bag of all-pink Starburst and head on your merry way.

Oh, and here's the best part: The lazy among us can even order these special all-pink bags from Amazon! 

Will you be capitalizing on this all-pink opportunity come April?