Starburst Starbucks

Starburst Starbucks

Starburst’ Pink Drink’ by Starbucks

For all the people out there that associate Starbust with fond childhood memories (that covers about 99% of the human race), what was your favorite part about it? Was it that feeling you got when you tore those bright yellow packages right or was it when right before the lights dimmed at the movie theater and you pulled out all the pink wrappers? The following for the candy was probably so strong because strawberry is a flavor that is loved by the ones who don’t like chocolate

While back in the day, people just had Starbust Original today, however, kids have countless options if they want to get their Starbust fix. These options include Starbust Jell-O, Starburst gum, and Starburst yogurt. Hopefully, they appreciate the fact if they wish to have the opportunity to buy an entire package of only the pink color. Sure, you won’t be able to eat it, but diehard fans would agree with the fact that they’d buy candles to get that awesome smell of the soft taffy candy. So if you want, you can make the whole house smell like a candy store – definitely a goal of the kid army of each generation.

Starburst lovers, there is some exciting news for you!

starburst starbucks

Starbucks has a secret menu item that tastes exactly like the strawberry flavor: the new “Pink Drink”. Can’t believe it? Well see it for yourself in an Instagram post by @totallythebombdotcom Want to get the peachy beverage? To know how to order, visit her website. First and foremost, order a Venti sized pink drink (strawberries, strawberry acai and coconut milk).

After the order, a special addition: two pumps of white mocha and vanilla. Now you can enjoy over ice. What are your thoughts? Will it be a strawberry overload if you ordered a shareable size of the all-pink Starburst from Target while enjoying the “Pink Drink?”