Step Up Your Breakfast Game With A Gorgeous Bowl Of Zoats In The Morning

I'm sure sure you've heard it before. You know, the old saying: Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dine like a pauper. There are countless iterations of the sentiment which all boil down to one idea: We should all be stepping up our breakfast game.

Luckily, a new twist on your average, boring bowl of morning oats has hit the online food community, and it’s reviving our enthusiasm for breakfast time. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also healthy, and comes with a great name.

Introducing Zoats, your next claim to Instafood-fame.

6am Zoat Game. STRONG. ?????????? . @planetorganic sprouted rolled oats & half a grated courgette cooked in @twochicksproducts egg whites??, with a tsp of @creativenaturesuperfoods cacao powder & a scoop of my DELICH @vivolifeuk Perform cacao protein mixed in ???????? . Topped with the usual suspects: bluebs, banana, raspberries, @hollandandbarrett pumpkin seeds & @rawhealthorganic white chia seeds ????? . Three days until my holidayyy ???????? Becoming beyond excited! I live for that Sunshine ?????????? . ïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïïï #wednesday #humpday #healthy #breakfast #oats #zoats #cacao #superfood #porridge #berries #seeds #health #nutrition #preworkout #protein #fitfood #lifestyle #fitness #food #bbg #hblogger #london

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So: what’s in a name? Essentially, Zoats are just porridge with added shreds of zucchini -- rendering them zucchini and oats. Zoats. You get it. Moving on.

Not only are Zoats easy to whip up (simply add your shredded zucchini into your oats as usual), they also come with the added nutritional benefits of vitamin C, protein, and fiber for a healthy gut.

Just take a look at some of the gorgeous bowls Instagram users have been making below:

#postworkoutmeal after #lgsummerfitcation abs (LISS is saved for later) & BBG abs. Safe to say my abs were on FIREEEEE ?? Some of you lovely lot always ask how often I train my abs and i only train them once a week for 30 minutes, MAX. No more than that ???? I also like to add in active rest periods between ab sets to stop me getting bored ?? (my least favourite muscle to train) as it's probably the least intensive training day for me. Plus, this means I burn more calories ?? Other than my once a week workout I find abs is all about diet and weight training ???? - I have a lil blog post comin tonight about abs actually, so keep ya eyes peeled ?? Anyway, back to this bowl of deliciousness ?????? I have half a cup of oats, @motionnutrition coconut protein powder, grated courgette, a banana, frozen berries and topped with @creativenaturesuperfoods hemp seeds & @punchfoods coconut brownie seeds (SO good!) Perfect way to refuel with protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats ?????? Have a great hump day everyone!!

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Chocolate protein #zoats

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So, will you be whipping up your own version of Zoats any time soon?