Whiskey-Flavored Pocky||Whiskey Flavored Pocky

Stop Everything. Go Buy Whiskey-Flavored Pocky

Your favorite kid dessert, the crunchy, savory, not-too-sweet Pocky has finally grown up, as its makers have unveiled a new whiskey flavor that you can munch on while feeling like an actual adult.

Whether you want to snap into a Pocky while you drink your favorite evening whiskey, or you simply want to munch on a delicious snack that can stand on its own, you'll be thrilled with the brand new Adult Amber flavor, also known in Japanese as "Otona no Kohaku," according to Rocket News 24.

Glico, the company who makes Pocky, says that the pretzel stick's dough is made with malt extract to perfectly complement the whiskey flavors. After the stick is made, it is sprinkled with a thin coat of salt to really bring out the complex flavors of your favorite grainy drink.

It also has rich, bitter chocolate that will be a welcome change of pace from the regular sweet stuff they use in their standard milk chocolate flavor. The chocolate will also have a clear whiskey aroma, to tie it all together.

It's meant to be paired with a glass of straight, top-shelf whiskey, although we say do what you want.

In case you are still doubting whether this is all worth it, note Adult Amber's adorable packaging that mimics the kind of case that contains nice whiskey:

Glico has offered this snack once before, in November 2015, but it sold out right away on Amazon Japan. This year, there will be 300,000 boxes for sale, again on Amazon for $9.70 per six pack. Sadly, as far as we know, they are for sale only on the Japanese Amazon site, starting Oct. 25.

Not sure what kind of whiskey to pair with your new favorite dessert? You'll have to experiment for yourself and let us know what works for you, but we recommend going with a nice sweet bourbon, the kind that has been aged in new charred oak barrels. Serious Eats notes that this will give it hints of caramel and vanilla, which we expect will go deliciously with the salty chocolate on your Pocky.