Stouffer’s Announces Mac on Tap, Macaroni and Cheese Dispenser

Stouffer’s Announces Mac on Tap, Macaroni and Cheese Dispenser

No, Stouffer’s isn’t retroactively celebrating April Fools’ Day! These desperate times call for desperate measures. And Stouffer’s has answered the call for necessary household appliances of the cheesy kind. In a Tweet on Friday, they announced plans to release the Mac on Tap, a machine that dispenses warm macaroni and cheese. It’s about time this dream became a reality! “It’s very real: We created a Mac on Tap dispenser delivering Mac & Cheese straight from the tap! Coming soon…” Stouffer’s Tweeted. A Stouffer’s spokesperson shared with TODAY that the Mac on Tap will have “an internal heater that keeps pre-cooked Stouffer’s mac and cheese at serving temperature. It’s basically like a nacho cheese dispense that also dispenses warm noodles,” TODAY reported. Fans shared their excitement for this cheesy macaroni machine right away. Rival company Velveeta even Tweeted, “respect” in response to the news. “I think you’ve just saved 2020,” one Twitter user commented. “I need one of these. @stouffers is the only Mac and cheese I eat that isn't made using my grandmother's recipe,” another Twitter user commented.

When Will Mac on Tap Release?

Stouffer’s made its Mac on Tap announcement weeks before National Mac and Cheese Day on July 14 (which apparently is a thing). According to TODAY, the item is slated to release in 2020. However, the spokesperson told TODAY that Stouffer’s is still working on prototypes and “will install them based on the responses they receive from fans. The exact tap locations will be disclosed at a later date.”
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“We’re excited for fans like you to enjoy it after we finish testing and perfecting our dispenser,” Stouffer’s Tweeted. “We’ll continue to keep followers in the loop on where and how they can use it in the future. Anything is possible!” We hope the Mac on Tap has a wide release soon because we would love to try it out! Can you imagine the possibilities? Mac and cheese on pizza, hot dogs, barbecue—the sky’s the limit. Not to mention the placement of these machines in homes, offices, schools, stores, and sports arenas eventually. Wow, we’re already hungry for it!