Free Fountain Drinks

Students Can Now Get Free Fountain Drinks At Chipotle -- But Is It Even Worth It?

In a bid to make the whole going-back-to-school shebang a little more bearable (and real talk: in a desperate bid to woo back some of its lost customers), Chipotle is offering students a deal, and giving away free drinks with the purchase of an in-store entree. Students can bring their ID’s up to the counter after they’ve ordered a burrito, bowl, taco, or salad, and receive a free chipotle fountain drink or iced tea all September long, per Brand Eating.

Obviously, Chipotle has been struggling these days; after a series of health crises that stripped the company of its reputation last year, the brand was forced to upgrade its food safety practices. Unfortunately, the fast-casual restaurant’s best efforts haven’t been enough to win back the allegiance of its former customers. In response, Chipotle has been pumping out various promotions -- meanwhile, however, 10,000 of its current and former employees are filing a class action lawsuit for its alleged unethical work requirements.

We know that Chipotle is supposed to be serving Food With Integrity -- it is the chain’s official slogan, after all -- but after everything that’s happened, we’re wondering if a free drink is even worth it.