Stunning Edible Textile Sheets Turn Any Cake Into A Work Of Art

Chef Stefanie Nass, or "Chefanie," is changing the world one cake at a time.

How often have you seen gorgeous cakes on Instagram and wished that you could create such culinary works of art in your own kitchen? Well, thanks to a new line of edible textiles, called “Chefanie Sheets,” you can now turn that homemade (or store-bought) cake into a masterpiece.

Created from a combination of food coloring, tapioca starch, sugar, corn syrup solids and water, the sheets are screen printed with stunning, original works of art and offered for sale on Chefanie’s website.

Even better, the sheets come with a ruler and instructions for applying the masterpieces to your own delicious confections, making the process virtually foolproof and ensuring gorgeous results.

Chefanie notes that her creations taste mildly sweet and work best on buttercream frosting or ice cream cakes.

As a painter as well as a chef, Chefanie personally designs most of the sheets. According to Tasting Table, she plans to change the designs seasonally, and is currently working on an American flag-themed design in order to raise money for victims of the Orlando shooting.

Check out some of her gorgeous designs below, and then click over to Chefanie’s website to order your own. Personally, we can’t choose between all of the stunning options, so we’re planning to order them all!


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Amsterdam Sheet

St. Malo Sheet

St. Barthelemy Sheet

Carrara Sheet

Cookie cake with Carrara #ChefanieSheets

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Firenze and St. Barthélemy Sheets

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A Gorgeous Amalgam of Sheets

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