Subway's New Sandwich Is Anything But Healthy

Subway is usually known for having healthy options. Many even follow its menu when dieting. However, don't assume that everything Subway offers is healthy. Sometimes we want a nice big serving of fat and carbs.

I'm talking, of course, about the new sub Subway is testing, called the Pulled Pork Crunch. Clearly by the name we can deduce that it's a sandwich featuring pulled pork barbecue. But what's creating the crunch?

That, my friends, is Chili Cheese Fritos. Brand Eating reports that this scrumptious (if not more on the drunk food side) sandwich is being tested in some areas of the Midwest. According to the ad below, it will be sold for $2.99 for a 6-inch, and $5.98 for a footlong.

Chew Boom reports that some of the select locations testing this new sandwich are in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. The pork itself is marinated in Hickory BBQ sauce and topped with the aforementioned Chili Cheese Fritos and shredded cheese. Of course, what else ends up on your sandwich is up to you, along with the choice of what type of bread it should be served on. According to what I'm seeing on social media posts, the Italian Herbs and Cheese is a popular pairing choice.

What also looks popular is the absence of any other ingredients on the sandwich. I don't see anyone eating it with veggies or any other sauces. Maybe it's perfect just the way it is. I have to admit, the pictures aren't too appealing, but you never know until you try it.

Who am I to judge? I just hope this new creation makes its way over to the East side in the near future so that we can see for ourselves if this flavor combination makes sense. I wouldn't have thought to use Chili Cheese Fritos on any sandwich, but then again, maybe that's why I'm not a sandwich artist. I am definitely looking forward to hearing the feedback on this new sandwich indulgence.