Summer 2019 Food Trends You Have To Try!

Summer 2019 Food Trends You Have To Try!

1. CBD Infused Everything

CBD Infused Everything Coffee, gummy bears, and even burgers! The CBD, otherwise known by its technical term cannabidiol, movement has really picked up steam this summer. According to CNN Business, sales of products containing CBD are expected to top $5 billion by the end of the year, a 700% increase from 2018. This jump in income can be connected to the jump in CBD only stores. Even though CBD is derived from marajuina, it does not get you high. However, this growth in hemp-derived foods and drinks may come to a screeching halt soon. The FDA is still trying to figure out how to best regulate the new wave stating, “While we recognize the potential benefits of CBD, questions remain regarding its safety.” Tests are currently underway and new information is coming out everyday.  

2. Out of The Box Ice Cream

Ice Cream You can’t really go wrong with ice cream in the summertime. But more and more companies are trying out all new flavors that we didn’t know we needed, and maybe some of us didn’t even want. A popular ice cream parlor in New York City is known for selling wacky flavors. Oddfellows changes their menu daily, and the creamy desserts can range from Edamame ice cream to a scoop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. While Salt & Straw is offering breakfast for dessert with their Buttermilk Pancake, Bacon, and Eggs option. We suggest you head to your local ice cream shop and see what new flavors you can try!  

3. Come and Get It Kombucha

Kombucha Preparation Kombutcha presentation on a white wooden table with decorations.[/caption] Kombucha is definitely not a new product, but this gut-healthy drink has steadily grown in popularity. The Zion Market Research Group did a study and predict that the global kombucha market is set to reach around 2457 million USD by 2021. Kombucha is created through fermentation, the same type of process we use to make yogurt and sauerkraut. According to Taste of Home, fermentation is making a comeback due to “beneficial bacteria they generate, also known as probiotics.” So while it may be odd to see bacteria floating around in your beverage, don’t be alarmed. These little guys can do a lot for your digestion, and overall gut health!  

4. Spike Your Seltzer

hardseltzer Less calories but all the fun, spiked seltzer canned drinks are taking over summer time hangouts. All though drinks like White Claw and Bon & Viv aren’t new to the market, more and more people are choosing these canned beverages over beer for a healthier, less heavy option with all the benefits of alcohol. In fact, according to the 2019 Nielsen Survey, there has been a 193% spike in sales year-over-year for hard seltzers, with consumers listing the convenience of a cleaner drinks as their main reason for purchase. Not to mention, the light, less sugary options are much easier to drink quickly, resulting in a 20% higher breathalyzer test than those chugging beers (The Week). Companies are taking notice, with new brands and flavors popping up every month, it seems pretty clear that this trend will be sticking around for awhile.