SunnyD Gummies Are A '90s Kid's Dream Come True (Photo)

Some methods of eating are just more fun and tastier than others, like slurping yogurt from squeezable plastic tubes and spooning little, colorful dots of ice cream. The sweet snacks of our youth, like Gogurt and Dippin' Dots, offered a quick, efficient dose of sugar straight to the pleasure center of our cartoon-like brains; they just don't make snacks like that anymore.

Ask a '90s kid and they will rattle off all the snacks of today that don't measure up to the taste of our youth because it is an unfortunate fact that some things just aren't the same. But once in a blue moon, a long forgotten lunchbox snack will return in a different form -- only better.

Junk food Instagram users junkfoodonthego and Candy Hunting caught wind of SunnyD's new Liquid Center Gummies (think: gushers meets orange juice tang) found at Walmart, 7-Eleven and the 99 Cent Store. A wave of nostalgia is sweeping the Internet -- SunnyD was a cool drink and if your parents were cool too, they'd let you have this faux orange juice (turns out it was mostly corn syrup that just happened to be orange).

The new SunnyD gummies are shaped like the classic jugs and come in tropical orange and strawberry liquid flavors that burst with every bite. Kind of like Gushers, only instead of turning into strawberry and orange fruit heads like in the commercials, they'd unleash the power of the sun.

According to Delish, you can get these in bulk at select Walmart and 7-Eleven locations (because a 12-pack is the way to go with any candy of our youth).

You don't need to be wearing overalls nor is it necessary to beg your parents to buy you these. Because now that you're an adult you can make your 8-year-old self happy and go through a dozen packs in one sitting if you wish! Times have changed; we can't dignify slurping our yogurt or drinking fructose OJ for breakfast, but what we can do is celebrate those bygone years of sugar snacks in new delicious ways!