Super-Fry Me: The McDonald's Of The Future Is Here

Forget going super-sized -- fans of McDonald's officially have the option of getting super-fryed, now that the “McDonald’s of the Future” formally launched at 10 a.m. on August 3.

The new McDonald’s restaurant in Missouri had previously generated buzz around its announcement that it planned to offer unlimited fries to patrons as part of a promotional deal for its grand opening; now, owner Chris Habiger is revealing that unlimited fries are only the beginning.

“Unlimited fries are just the beginning of what’s different about [this restaurant],” Habiger told the News-Press.

“We’re making a shift from fast food to fast-casual.”

Apparently, this 6,500-square-foot McDonald’s comes with a fresh, updated menu that includes more grilled options and gourmet sauces (think pico guacamole); additionally, customers have the ability to order their food via kiosks if they’re not in the mood to interact at the traditional counter. 

What’s more, an entirely separate counter will be devoted to McDonald’s Cafe drinks and a dessert bar, which reportedly will include waffle cones and signature sundaes with a panoply of tasty toppings to choose from. Fans of the restaurant might remember that McDonald's used to offer oatmeal raisin cookies and twist cones -- this McDonald’s is bringing them back, too.

While the new menu and unlimited fries might be enough to entice adults to venture over to the new location, plenty of McDonald’s fans also expressed excitement that Habiger and his wife, Karri Habiger, announced they are rebuilding the play area.

According to News-Press, that area will take up a significant portion of the restaurant, and will feature interactive light board tables and tabletop video games. 

The play area will have a dedicated staff ensuring that everything runs smoothly, but there are still more opportunities to come from the Habigers, who together own six McDonald’s locations in St. Joseph and one in Mound City, Missouri. News-Press reports that they have already hired more than 100 new employees specifically for the new McDonald’s of the Future.

“And we’re still hiring,” Karri Habiger said.