SVEDKA Debuts New Pure Infusions Sugar-Free Flavored Vodka

SVEDKA Debuts New Pure Infusions Sugar-Free Flavored Vodka

Beat the heat with a refreshingly spiked beverage! SVEDKA announced today their new line of flavored vodka for the summer: SVEDKA Pure Infusions. They introduced three new “natural and bold” flavors, including Strawberry Guava, Ginger Lime, and Dragonfruit Melon. Each vodka contains zero grams of sugar, fat, and carbs, and are only 70 calories per 1.5 ounce serving. "SVEDKA Pure Infusions zero sugar content does not compromise on the core of the bold and innovative flavor to SVEDKA Vodka's DNA," Jaymie Schoenberg, Vice President of Marketing for SVEDKA Vodka, said in the release. "Pure Infusions combines SVEDKA Vodka's leadership in flavor innovation with natural flavors to offer consumers a unique, sugar-free way to enjoy their flavored vodka no matter the occasion."
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These new flavors sound like they can bring a little tropical paradise to at-home cocktails. Whether you’re inside binging a TV show or outside watching the kids splash around the pool, SVEDKA Pure Infusions sounds like a pure delight. Plus, while other flavored vodkas and diet vodkas (which is a thing!) have sugar and carbs, this line has none of the above. So, if you want a guilt-free, go-to spirit, this vodka's for you. SVEDKA Pure Infusions is available in 750ML bottles for a suggested retail price of $14.00 and 1L bottle for $15.99 nationwide. SVEDKA also shared a few simple signature cocktail recipes to help you unwind this summer:

Tropical Cooler

  • 2 parts SVEDKA Strawberry Guava
  • 2 parts soda
  • Enjoy over ice with fresh strawberry slices to garnish

Skinny Mule

  • 2 parts SVEDKA Ginger Lime
  • 1 part soda
  • 1 part ginger beer
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Enjoy over ice with fresh lime to garnish


  • 2 parts SVEDKA Dragonfruit Melon
  • 1 part soda
  • 1 part lemonade
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Enjoy over ice with fresh mint to garnish