Sydney Avocado Eatery Is Hiring Avo-Tasters, Apply Now!

Do you have at least two years' experience smashing avocados on toast? Proven knowledge of avocado ripeness? Do you have an avoca-do attitude?

If you checked "yes" to all of the above, then the avocado recruiters (avocates) at Sydney's avocado cafe would like to hear from you. Avo-lovers highly encouraged to apply!

Australia's first avocado pop-up eatery, Good Fat, opens in Sydney on Nov. 2, and there is an open call for applicants seeking employment as "Head of Avo Control." It's an unpaid gig, but would be a sundry resume-filler -- employers do pay attention to "extracurriculars."

As "Head of Avo Control" you will be tasked with tasting no less than 20 avocado dishes. The successful candidate will have previous experience in avocado selection and a healthy appetite. Job responsibilities include Snapping, Instagramming, tweeting and Facebooking your avocado experience with "#OzAvoGoodFat."

If your grocery staples include avocados for the entire week (never mind sales or coastal locale) and if you've never bristled at the statement "Guac is extra," then toss your resume and cover letter to Good Fat's by Oct. 25. They could use your avocado allegiance. The compensation is better than cold hard cash: it's a "full benefits" package: complimentary dining for the entire month the pop-up is open.

Good Fats is the world's first avocado cafe and will be open for one month only. And across the pond, London is doing the same, only their cafe is there to stay. London's boutique Avobar is a millennial's aesthetic fantasia: flourishing vines occupy every inch of surface and decor is "au naturale" from windows to walls.

If you haven't noticed, from the slew of avocado variants (from smoothie to pancakes to pie and brownies!), the love for avocados is not lost on millennials; you could even say millennials are the sole proprietors of the beloved avocado toast. But it's complicated.

Avocados are heavy on the wallet, the environment, the real estate market, and are so murderously popular that they drew drug traffickers in Mexico. The less perturbed call the avocado "humble," but for some, it's the "blood avocados."

The demand is high, but the love is deep-seated.