Taco Bell Is Making Its Crunchwrap Even More Amazing

Every time that we think that Taco Bell cannot possibly develop a new take on meat, cheese, and tortillas, the innovative fast food chain pulls out all of the stops and surprises us. Building on such delicious, addictive offerings as the Doritos Locos Taco and the Quesarito, our favorite spot for late-night binges recently announced that it will be introducing an exciting new take on the Crunchwrap Supreme.

In true Taco Bell fashion, however, the new Crunchwrap is not only bigger, but also cheesier. Fittingly named, the “Triple Double Crunchwrap” consists of two layers of nacho cheese and seasoned beef, topped by a third layer of sour cream, lettuce, and tomato, all surrounded by a crispy, grilled flour tortilla.

If just the description is enough to make your mouth water, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, according to Brand Eating, the Triple Double Crunchwrap will not debut until July 14. Even more upsetting, though, is the fact that this glorious amalgam of cheese, meat, and tortillas will only be available for a limited time.

While there is no word yet on how much the new Crunchwrap will cost, sources estimate that the hand-held bundle of goodness will clock in somewhere between $3.50 and $4.00. With that much perfectly seasoned beef and melty nacho cheese, however, we think that the Triple Double Crunchwrap will be a bargain at any price.

If you love Taco Bell as much as we do, you might want to mark July 14 on your calendar immediately. Considering the combination of irresistible flavors and limited-time availability, we can’t imagine that the new Triple Double Crunchwrap won’t be worth the wait!