Taco Bell Is Testing A Kit Kat Quesadilla (Photos)

Taco Bell Is Testing A Kit Kat Quesadilla (Photos)

Taco Bell, the master of bizarre late night snacking creations, is doing big things in the dessert world. 

Head over to select locations and you can try a quesadilla that has no cheese in it at all! For just $1, you can grab a Kit Kat Chocoladilla, which has a grilled flour tortilla with melted chocolate and Kit Kat pieces wedged inside, reports Brand Eating.

At the same spots, Taco Bell is also testing out $1 Vanilla Iced Coffee, which sounds a lot more conventional -- and perhaps also a natural to pair with the Kit Kat monstrosity.

The Mexican American chain has sold similar iterations of the Chocoladilla abroad, and they even had a Kit Kat Chocodilla in the U.K. in October 2016, although social media users over there gave it mixed reviews. 

Unfortunately, the Chocoladilla and iced coffee are only available in certain restaurants in Wisconsin for the time being, but here's hoping that they make their way across the nation soon, because they certainly sound like they are worth the couple of bucks to taste.

According to one Reddit user in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, their location has a Caramel Chocoladilla version of the melty chocolate snack, which features ground-up Twix bars.

"I was hoping for something good as I really enjoy a twix bar every now and then and while it wasn't perfect it was pretty good," the Redditor wrote. " … The flavors worked pretty well together with the browned tortilla flavor playing well with the chocolate. The caramel flavor didn't come through as well as I had hoped and there was pretty much no cookie crunch that I was hoping for. There was also not as much filling as I was hoping for but I'm not totally [surprised]."

They said that it was "pretty decent" and they'll probably get it again, although it wasn't something they thought they would crave regularly, so take from that what you will.