Taco Bell Now Serves A New Kit-Kat Chocodilla Dessert

Sure, this may be ironic coming on the heels of the announcement that Taco Bell has secretly become the healthiest fast food chain option available to consumers, but hey! Give 'em a break -- because the chain has a new dessert in the UK, and it features the beloved Kit Kat bar.

Per Brand Eating, UK consumers can now order a new Kit Kat quesadilla off the chain's dessert menu, which is essentially just like any other quesadilla, only with gooey, warm and melty chocolate instead of cheese.

Um, yes please.

The menu item is officially called the Kit Kat Chocodilla (which sounds sort of ominously like Count Dracula, which is perfectly in theme for the Halloween season), and is a grilled and folded flour tortilla chock full of delicious melty chocolatey chips. Then, Kit Kat lends its crispy wafer goodness into the mix to finish off the decadent experience.

According to Brand Eating, Kit Kat wasn't a shoe-in for the chocolate of choice; initial taste-testers sampled a variety of different kinds of chocolates before officially dubbing Kit Kat the reigning champion.

After finally deciding to go with Kit Kats, tasters tried "a Kit Kat crumble with chocolate sauce, Kit Kat bites with chocolate, and a few different variables from the Kit Kat family," so you know this combination is the best of the best.

For now, you can purchase the Kit Kat Chocodilla for a limited time if you live in the UK for the equivalent of approximately $1.58.

Unfortunately, those of us who live stateside can't purchase the official dessert in Taco Bell stores here, but if you're feeling dangerous, why not crush a few Kit Kat pieces into a tortilla yourself?