Taco Bell Tests A Massive French Fry-Filled Burrito (Photo)

When it comes to fast-food restaurant oneupmanship, everyone wants to get loaded … with fries.

Loaded fries, the all-inclusive package of a fried potato order, promises much more than hydrogenated oils, beef flavors and salt. Beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, sour cream, guacamole, bacon, jalapeno peppers and other add-ons make loaded fries look like "garbage plate" pyramids.

Stuff all of that homogenous grease mixture into a burrito and you get Taco Bell's "Loaded Fries Burrito," a beta menu item available exclusively in the Charleston, West Virginia, area, according to Brand Eating.

"Loaded Fries Burritos" will feature three flavors, all filled with Taco Bell's signature ground beef, seasoned fries, diced tomatoes, nacho cheese and sour cream wrapped tightly in a flour tortilla. Burritos come in three delicious varieties: "Supreme" is Taco Bell's version of "the usual," hold the extras; "California" includes the same ingredients as "Supreme," plus guacamole; "Chipotle" is for those who want an extra spice to their burrito with a dribble of chipotle sauce.

The "Live Mas" taco chain is finally addressing customers' main gripe with its menu -- there are no french fries. It is an obligatory fast-food side item since time immemorial and is welcomed, but the long overdue pilot test could just as likely disrupt the burrito-fries hybrid competition.

Competitor Del Taco currently offers a similar burrito with fries inside, the "Epic Cali Steak & Guac Burrito," a gargantuan meat pocket stuffed with carne asada steak, guac and crinkle-cut fries. With "Loaded Fries Burritos" and loaded fries anything, we could, unbeknownst to us, introduce a new standard for eating America's favorite side.

The legion of "Frankenfoods" is upon us -- a race for the freakiest and most daring culinary innovations that will unravel America's relationship with food and with it, the threads of even their most stretchiest of pants. Some Frankenfoods fizzled out as fast as they were delivered (Bagel Dogs, Brookies, Donut Burgers) while others prevailed as mainstays (Doritos Locos Tacos, Ramen Burgers, Cronuts, Cake Pops). This new food age could reach a gluttonous climax and make Frankenstein's out of us all.