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Taco Bell's New Burrito Creation Is Cheesy To The Core

The latest new menu items at Taco Bell are here, and they are cheesy to the core -- literally.

Coming in both Crunchy and Spicy varieties, the Cheesy Core Burritos look like the marriage between two of our favorite Mexican dishes: burritos and cheesy nachos.

Take a deep breath. Now take a look:

According to Brand Eating, the just-released Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrito is a burrito stuffed with seasoned beef, Latin rice, red sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream -- plus the cheesy core, comprised of a three-cheese blend, nacho cheese sauce, and the crunch: corn tortilla strips.

The Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito, on the other hand, has a special core comprised of a three-cheese-blend, nacho cheese sauce, and diced jalapeno, all wrapped up in the same combination as its Crunchy counterpart.

According to Delish, the burritos are now available at Taco Bell establishments across the United States, and will cost you only $1.99.