Taco Bell's New Quesadilla Is What Dreams Are Made Of (Photos)

Taco Bell has just debuted a new quesadilla in the Philippines and we need it to come to America as soon as possible, please.

You no doubt have heard about the Doritos Locos tacos, Cheetos Crunchwraps and Cap'n Crunch Delights (aka cereal donuts) by now. But this newest creation just may tantalize you in a new way, especially if you are a fan of jalapeno-flavored Cheetos. Take a look:

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The dish itself sounds pretty simple to recreate, with melted cheese and jalapeno Cheetos folded into the middle of a flour tortilla and grilled until the cheese is oozy and melty and the tortilla is (ideally) both chewy and crunchy at the same time. Plus you have the added crisp from the little flavor bombs known as Cheetos in there. There's no way it can be bad, can it?

It sure sounds like everybody who has tried the late-night munchie snack is a fan. Which makes sense, because honestly, how could this be anything but super delicious and addicting?

Sadly, the Mexican-American taco chain doesn't have any plans to bring the perfect snack to the U.S. or Europe, so we'll probably mourn this news forever -- or at least until we are able to make it to a Taco Bell in the Philippines. At least there's some good news here, though. The dish looks impossibly easy to make yourself. All you need are those three ingredients, and you could probably even just bring a bag of jalapeno Cheetos (or your favorite flavor, if, for example, you prefer the devilishly red spicy stuff), order a quesadilla from TB and stuff the chips inside. Keep it classy.

Of course, there is a ton of fast food items you can get from the chain internationally but can't get in the U.S., and probably vice-versa, like the DELICIOUS-looking kimchee quesadilla that you'll find in South Korea, which comes with cheese, chicken, spicy sauce and, of course, fermented cabbage, according to Thrillist. Honestly, this sounds like a great idea and we think you should throw kimchee into the quesadillas you make at home and let it change your life for the better …