Take A Look At Starbucks' New Pokemon Go Frappuccino

It's finally here to view!

The new Pokemon Go generation 2 has launched, and in celebration it has partnered with Starbucks to release a new, limited-time Frappuccino.

Gotta catch em all -- all those amazing icy caffeine and sugar-filled blended frappes of deliciousness, that is!

Most Starbucks locations have also converted into in-game PokeStops or Gyms for the promotion as well, making the coffee chain any Pokemon Go player's destination of choice for a dose of caffeine as well as a gamer's hang-out paradise.

For thirsty fans of the game, the Pokemon Go Frappuccino is made with Starbucks' classic Vanilla Bean Frappuccino base, and then blended with a delicious mix of raspberry syrup and freeze-dried whole blackberries (um, yum?!). Finally, Brand Eating reports that it is then topped with a delicious dollop of whipped cream.

Sure, it doesn't necessarily scream Pokemon (we would have imagined something yellow, like a Pikachu, but that's just us) -- however, it sounds yummy, smoothie-like and we can never say no to some fruit-flavored boosts. Maybe it'll provide antioxidants and energy for Pokemon trainers on the go?