Take A Road Trip To This Pecan Pie Vending Machine (Video)

Everything's sweeter in the south. The tea, the cocktails … and, of course, the pies. Pecan pie is a southern staple, and if you haven't had it, you're missing out! Don't worry, though, there's a 24-hour pecan pie vending machine in Texas. That means you can try a taste of that sweet, sticky pie anytime your heart desires!

Southern Living reports that the vending machine is run by the family-owned and operated Berdoll Pecan Farm in Cedar Creek, Texas. If you're thinking that a vending machine selling pies 24/7 would have to hold some pretty stale pies, you'd be way wrong! The pies are baked daily and restocked frequently, which must mean that demand is high.

The Berdoll Pecan Farm is located off of Highway 71, where it has a shop set up for passersby to stop in and buy pecan treats. The vending machine itself not only features these pies, but also different pecan treats like candy-coated pecans.

Everything available in the machine is sold in the store as well, but as is pointed out in the video below, the family would be ready to close up for the evening, only to find that customers were still pulling in looking for those pies. What a great solution this vending machine is!

The pies are available for $19.50 from the machine, and you can purchase them so that they drop right down as anything would in a vending machine. They're even chilled and ready to go. I think we'd be remiss not to mention that if you visit this machine you'd better try some of those pecan candies as well. I'm sure they're delicious.

If you don't live close by, this vending machine gives you a perfect excuse to take a road trip to Texas. Just head down Highway 71, and you'll see that it is hard to miss, since there's a 14-foot-tall squirrel statue also standing on the farm, holding a pecan. This squirrel is called Ms. Pearl, and she's the largest squirrel statue in the world, so don't miss her, either!