45 Million Years Old Beer||45 Million Years Old Beer

Take Of Sip Of Beer That Is 45 Million Years In The Making

Want to drink a beer that's really special?

Go ahead and put away your special Star Trek brew and that weird stuff you picked up that is literally made out of pee. Oh, and put down that bourbon barrel-aged stuff too. (Actually, if you'd like to send it over to us, we'd be happy to take it off your hands.) We have something waaay cooler. If you want something truly aged, why not go with beer brewed from some of the oldest stuff on the planet?

Fossil Fuels Brewing Company has crafted a beer that is 45 million years in the making. Long before humans walked the Earth, a prehistoric leaf made its way into a small piece of Burmese amber, where it fossilized.

"Birds were learning to fly, mini-pig-dog-horse things were evolving into bigger-pig-dog-horse things, and the Eocene Epoch was rapidly working on crafting its greatest creation -- brewing yeast," the California brewers with a thirst for greatness wrote of the new saison, according to Eater.

Here's how they did it: Unshakeable molecular biologist Dr. Raul Cano somehow managed to extract and reactivate yeast from the fossil in the 1990s, notes SF Gate. Though Cano was the first to accomplish such a feat, this did not exactly set the world on fire, and critics questioned whether or not this was possible.

That's when Cano founded Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. and got to work with some brewing masters to figure out what kind of yeast they were working with and what they could do with it. It took a while to get the yeast properly "roused" and tasty, but they eventually figured out how to make it palatable.

"Saison really came to mind because the yeast had this wonderful grapefruit essence to it that it imparts in the beer," said brewer Ian Schuster, who tirelessly worked on the project with Cano. "Some of the most amazing beer I've had, in terms of their light, crisp taste but also sophistication and layers, are Belgian and French farmhouse styles. We all galvanized around that thought. ... We built everything around emphasizing the natural flavor of the yeast."

And for the small (just kidding) donation of $40 to their crowdfunded project, you could secure your own limited edition bottle and drink something that is, arguably, as old as time.