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Tasty Tuesday: 10 Over-The-Top Loaded Fries You Need To Make Immediately

It's Tuesday. Make it a cheat day.

It's time to gear up for the most decadent, shameless and filthy loaded fries you have ever seen for Tasty Tuesday. Not only do most of these dishes cook up in a flash (especially if you use frozen, pre-made fries), but they're also sure to satisfy your urge for something truly over the top.

1. Pizza Fries

Make the ultimate cheesy, sleazy pizza, but use FRENCH FRIES as your crust, because you're a super star and you do what you want.

2. Maple Bacon Donut Fries

Kind of like a maple bar topped in bacon, but SO MUCH MORE.

3. Buffalo Chicken Bacon Cheese Fries

Perfect for the big game, or just share with yourself on the couch.

4. Vegan Chili Fries

Dietary restrictions, schmietary schmeschmictions. Live it up.

5. Vegan Irish Nachos

Another outstanding vegan version, featuring vegan beer cheese sauce.

6. (Not So Vegan) Reuben Style Irish Nachos

Here's basically the omnivorous version of that vegan one.

7. Sweet Potato Fries With Shiitake "Bacon" and Garlic Tahini

Savory and garlicky, these fries are awesome. If you want to load them up with meat, they'd be awesome with turkey bacon. Or regular. Everything is better with bacon.

8. Hawaiian Carne Asada Fries

These sweet, savory, spicy fries are everything you need in life.

9. Shepherd's Pie Fries

If you're a fan of Shepherd's Pie -- and even probably if you aren't -- you'll fall in love with this 30-minute recipe.

10. Taco Loaded Waffle Fries

Everyone knows nachos are better when you replace the tortilla chips with French fries.