Teenager Who Dialed 911 To Get Help For Dying Dad Arrested Over Word She Used During Call (Video)

A Michigan teenager was arrested for allegedly swearing during a 911 call while her father was having a seizure (video below).

17-year-old Adrianne Ledesma, of Lincoln Park, called the emergency hotline when her father fell in their kitchen and started convulsing just three weeks after being hospitalized for brain surgery.

After her first attempt to contact an operator failed, Ledesma became flustered and said, “What the f***,” while the phone was ringing. Unfortunately, Officer Robert McFarland picked up at exactly that moment.

She asked McFarland for emergency response be sent to her home, to which the officer responded, “Well okay, first of all, you don’t need to swear over 911 and slow down."

“OK, send me a f****** ambulance!” Adrianne replied, according to Lybio.

Ledesma was concerned her father was going to die and wasn’t given the chance to explain that during the call because McFarland hung up after she swore, she told 7 Action News.

She tried calling again and asked the officer, “Are you going to give me an ambulance?”

“Are you going to swear again, you stupid a**?” McFarland responded.

"Are we going to have a f****** problem?" Adrianne said.

"No! You're not going to get one!" McFarland answered, presumably referring to an ambulance.

After the teen tried several times to get an ambulance sent to her house, the officer finally transferred the call to the fire desk.

“I kept getting a 911 call from this filthy-mouthed girl that wanted a rescue,” he said as he transferred the call. “I never found out what it was and I was never able to transfer it over to you.”

McFarland said the same thing as he sent a squad car to her house.

Unaware that McFarland had dispatched a patrol vehicle, Adrianne dashed to the police department to get assistance. Her brother stayed by their father’s side as they waited for help.

When she arrived at the police station, McFarland said to her, “Are you the girl with the foul mouth?” The cop then continued to arrest the teen for disorderly conduct and abusing 911 – a charge that doesn’t exist.

McFarland was suspended for two weeks without pay after the incident and ordered to undergo additional training. He declined to comment on the issue.