Teens Pretend To Get Engaged To Score Free Dessert (Photos)

Everybody loves indulging in a delicious and well-prepared restaurant meal now and again, and sometimes, the best way to top off an experience like that is with dessert at the very end. As they say, it's the cherry on top.

However, if you're already shelling out a hefty amount for your main course, sometimes it just becomes a little too much to splurge on dessert, especially if you're on a budget. Understandably, that can be a bummer if you really wanted to go all out but just can't justify it.

Perhaps that's why Cati Domitrovich, 19, and her best friend decided to fake getting engaged at a restaurant after having a bad week and wanting to cheer themselves up with some comfort food at what BuzzFeed says they described as a "fancy dinner."

"We faked a proposal just to get free dessert," Domitrovich posted on her Twitter, followed by a series of photos of her best friend getting down on one knee and popping a ring onto her finger. Then, she tweeted a photo of the dessert they allegedly got for free from the restaurant to help them celebrate.

Alex Nagle, 17, the best friend in question, told the server ahead of time he was going to propose and asked the waitstaff to document their "special moment."

"Everyone believed us and everyone clapped," Domitrovich told BuzzFeed.

When asked about the experience in totality, Domitrovich had this to say: the dessert was "really good."

While she may be a good schemer, she's not necessarily as free-flowing and innovative with her words -- and neither is her fake hubby, who chimed in to BuzzFeed that he found the entire production "really fun."

If you're getting inspired, just know this: Even though Domitrovich told BuzzFeed that they are planning on potentially trying this whole thing out at other restaurants in Texas, now that the story has hit the news, chances are it's going to be more difficult to con an establishment, its waitstaff and its chefs out of their food and time.