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The 10 Best And Worst Easter Candies, Ranked (Photos)

Let's face it. There is a clear hierarchy when it comes to Easter candy. Let's discuss:

10. Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds

These used to be pretty tasty, but is it just me or does the thick sugary coating always taste simultaneously bland, over-sweet, too crunchy and stale all at once? I'll pass if there's any form of chocolate around.

9. Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

These are kind of gross and boring, honestly. You might as well just make your own and cover them with sprinkles or something so that they at least look cute, or just stick with Peeps.

8. Peeps


These look cute, so they get points for presentation. They are ok when they are stale and you're in the mood, although most of the time they are a little bit of a letdown if you were expecting something tastier.

7. Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans

A classic, and they remain the best thing to fill up your Easter eggs with. Still, chocolate is superior, and you run the risk of getting more awful flavors like cinnamon and banana than the actual good ones like buttered popcorn and toasted marshmallows.

6. Chocolate Easter Bunnies

It depends on the brand, but these almost always taste like super cheap chocolate that you accidentally left out in the sun and it melted, but then you put it back inside and it firmed up again and got a little chalky. Still chocolate though.

5. Nestle Butterfinger Nest Eggs

Nestle Butterfinger Nest Eggs

These taste just as great as regular Butterfingers, although there's no compelling reason why they are better unless they're on sale. Considering the chocolate to filling ratio, I actually prefer the regular bars.

4. (American) Kinder Eggs

 (American) Kinder Eggs

Delicious, but they taste of "you can't have a real Kinder Surprise," and that's no fun, not to mention that it's a real pain to peel and pop out all the pieces and deal with so much safety packaging.

3. Chocolate/Caramel Cadbury Eggs

Chocolate/Caramel Cadbury Eggs

The original ones are the best, but in a pinch, the chocolate or caramel ones will do the job. You still get a nice textural contrast, and it's hard to say no to either of these fillings.

2. Reese's Eggs

Reese's Eggs

They might have the same formula as the regular peanut butter cups, but unlike the Butterfinger eggs, it boasts a superior filling to chocolate ratio (you're here for the peanut butter, let's be real), making it one of the best Easter treats out there.

1. Original Cadbury Eggs

Original Cadbury Eggs

These are by far the best Easter candy out there. Crunch through the top quality, creamy milk chocolate shell, and you'll find the most amazingly thick, milky gooey center. Plus, it looks like an actual egg, and that's just adorable, so this one gets bonus points for presentation AND taste.

What do you think? Do you agree with me, or are you wrong? Sound off in the comments section.