The 13 Cutest Watermelon Gifs You Will Ever See

It's National Watermelon Day!

We know you love watermelon, but do you love it as much as this guy?

Or this guy?

Or this champ, who loves watermelon so much that it makes his eyes bulge with happiness?

Or this terrifying beast, who goes in straight for the kill?

Maybe you prefer to savor your food a little more and nibble on it.

You might even like to lick off all the refreshing watermelon juice, like this impeccably-groomed little guy:

Eating watermelon can be tricky. Where do I start? Why does it keep moving when I try to take a bite?

Perhaps you prefer to dive in headfirst.

Wait for it...

Whoops! A much safer technique involves cradling the tasty treat like the preciousssss snack it is...

Or sharing it with a friend...

Good food tastes best when shared with good friends, as these three buddies know better than anyone:

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to nature's candy.

Everyone has their own favorite way to eat a watermelon. Here's how we like to do it: