The Bachelor' Wine Is Here Just In Time!

If you're a fan of the reality show "The Bachelor" then this news is for you. When the new season starts this year, you can drink along with the rest of the crew, from the comfort of your own home.

Obviously, you can already do that, but you'll be able to drink actual Bachelor-themed wine. According to Cosmopolitan, a variety of three Bachelor wines will be available starting Dec. 13: The Fantasy Suite, a cabernet sauvignon; the One on One, a chardonnay; and the Final Rose, which of course is a rose champagne.

The wines cost $15.95 per bottle, and my recommendation is to get all three and drink along with the appropriate stage. As in, at the beginning of the season, drink The Fantasy Suite as you see the girls getting comfortable and tipsy in their own fantasy suite; sip on the One on One while the ladies each get a date with their Bachelor; and save the Final Rose for the end, when roses are being given out!

Not only is this a fun and indulgent way to enjoy a reality-show favorite, but I expect it will do plenty to add to the viewing experience. There's definitely a chance you'll understand someone's point of view a little better if you're drinking along with her, anyway.

According to the Bachelor Wines website, you can start ordering your wines right now in preparation for the new season. Or you can order them now just because. You don't necessarily have to watch the Bachelor to enjoy a nice wine. Order six packs, party packs or collector's packs if you want to get crazy with it. Maybe you like to throw Bachelor parties (pun intended)!

The wine is currently available in 35 states and Washington, D.C., so check on the website to make sure it's available in your own state before you get too excited. If it's not, but you still want that wine, just head to the next state over. It's bound to be somewhere nearby. It all depends on how bad you want it.