The Beauty Of Halloween Candy In 13 GIFs

I hope you got a good candy haul this Halloween!

You've done the hard work, going door to door and begging for sweets.

Now it's time to enjoy it by inducing a sugary food coma for days!

DAYS! Maybe even WEEKS if you have self control and scored big!

If you were lucky, you might have even landed some coveted king-sized chocolate bars or your favorite chewy fruity treats.

And then you have these delightful rainbow jelly beans, which just never go out of style. Is anyone willing to trade me for buttered popcorn and pear?

Congratulations to anyone who hit the jackpot and somehow ended up with these fancy chocolates, even if that means you grabbed them yourself from the store.

And of course, sour gummies are a sleeper favorite for some -- if you're into that sort of stuff.

Maybe you got a pile of Dum Dums, which maybe aren't the most popular, but they are still a solid and delicious option -- probably the best hard candy.

I just hope you didn't end up with mountains of this controversial stuff -- unless like me you happen to love the waxy, creamy sweet kernels.

I'd be happy to trade you for your candy corn.

The post-Halloween candy bartering is all about complementing different tastes, after all.

Whatever your favorite candies are, I hope you enjoy the sugar rush!