The Best Produce In August And What To Cook With It (Recipes)

The Best Produce In August And What To Cook With It (Recipes)

August is an exciting time for produce. The month's in-season fruits and veggies can be used in delicious dishes that draw inspiration from both the hottest days of the year and the start of a cooler season. Use the list below as a produce shopping list for the month, and you'll be cooking with the tastiest fruits and vegetables possible. 


Plump figs are a tasty way to add sweetness to any dish. Cut them in half and put them on a cheese plate or your morning yogurt, bake them into a dessert like these fig crumble bars, or turn them into a compote for these fig, bacon and goat cheese crostini.


This veggie can add a welcome bright color and crunch to your plate in a variety of ways -- most notably in these sweet and spicy honey sriracha roasted carrots, this healthy roasted carrot soup or these crispy baked parmesan carrot fries with chili mayo.


These meaty morsels of earthy goodness are robust enough to be the base of a number of meals, like hearty spinach and mushroom lasagna, wild rice mushroom soup or creamy garlic parmesan mushrooms that you can serve over chicken, steak or fish.


In-season peaches are an excellent excuse to enjoy fruity desserts all month long. Revel in their sweet juicy goodness through cinnamon-sugar grilled peaches, a peachy spin on caprese salad and, of course, peach cobbler.

Sweet Corn

Celebrate the end of summer with the season's most cheerful veggie: sweet corn. It's quite tasty with cotija cheese and paprika in Mexican street corn salad, cheese and crispy breadcrumbs in cheddar sweet corn pie and chicken and potatoes in crock pot chicken corn chowder


Zucchini has quickly risen in the ranks of popular veggies for its spiralizing capabilities and fresh flavor. Have fun with it in these garlic parmesan zoodles, crispy and cheesy zucchini tots, and breakfast-ready zucchini bread.


Tomatoes are juicy, sweet and vibrant in color and flavor. Add happiness to your kitchen with a beautiful savory goat cheese and tomato pie, a refreshing creamy cucumber and tomato salad or a comforting roasted tomato basil soup with a side of grilled cheese.


Strawberries are a sweet summertime showstopper in treats both healthy and indulgent, like strawberry shortcake, frozen strawberry margaritas or strawberry avocado spinach salad with chicken.


Summon the essence of autumn with creative squash recipes, such as green chile chicken stuffed spaghetti squash, cheesy Southern squash casserole and crispy yellow squash fritters.