The British Food Industry Is Getting Ready To Severely Cut Down On Sugar

In an effort to curb childhood obesity in England, the U.K. has ordered an industry-wide, 20-percent slashing of added sugars in foods. The law doesn't exactly mention consequences if the food industry doesn't obey; rather, it relies on general goodwill among companies.

This move is meeting with a lot of skepticism among the people, not because of new restrictions, but because they don't feel it's accomplishing enough. Impressive!

Usually people don't like having new rules placed on them, but it seems everyone agrees that this is a problem that needs addressing (food pun intended...Italian, please!). The Daily Mail reports that ministers were accused of caving in to the junk food lobby after they abandoned plans to force companies to reduce sugar in children's food. 

Prime Minister Theresa May denies this vehemently, claiming that childhood obesity is high on her radar of changes that need to be implemented. According to Grub Street, plans involve keeping an eye on the food industry to see that sugar content is decreased by at least 5% per year. This would help to reach the 20% goal for 2020. Prime Minister May says that she's considered many plans for this goal, and the one they've chosen is favored, not only by experts in the U.K., but by specialists all over the world.

Foods being scrutinized most heavily will include breakfast cereals, yogurts, jams, candy, desserts and ice cream.