The First Ever Gluten-Free Dining Hall Has Just Landed At Kent State University

Even though only an estimated 1 percent of Americans actually suffer from celiac disease, there is no doubt that gluten-free diets are still steadily on the rise.

In fact, the gluten-free trend is so popular, that Kent State University has partnered with Maryland-based food service provider Sodexo to launch a 100 percent gluten-free dining hall for its students.

According to Delish, the dining call is called Prentice Cafe and is 100 percent gluten-free, designed as a safe space for students who physically cannot, or voluntarily choose not to consume gluten.

Says Rich Roldan, the director of university dining services for Sodexo at KSU: "Students have enough to worry about -- they should not have to worry about their food being safe to eat."

Per Delish, Sodexo helped design the space for the university, and will also manage the cafe, which will serve an estimated 800 students per day.

The menu will feature all gluten-free items, as well as vegan and vegetarian options, making it a destination spot for anybody with an alternative diet to go refuel before class.