Rainbow Bagel's Reigning Crown||Rainbow Bagel's Reigning Crown

The Goth Bagel Has Officially Taken Over The Rainbow Bagel's Reigning Crown

If you were fascinated -- at first -- by the rainbow bagel, but are now on the hunt for the newest food to bolster your Instagram food game, look no further: The next brunch fan-favorite has arrived.

New York’s popular burger and milkshake joint, Black Tap (you know -- the place famous for their towering and remarkable milkshake creations) has collaborated with the OG Rainbow Bagel creators, The Bagel Store, to bring you the most spooky and sophisticated breakfast bite we’ve ever seen.

Say hello to the limited edition Goth Bagel.

Move over #rainbowbagel! It's time for #gothbagel to feed our under slept souls ?????????

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Per Nylon, the bagel is made using black sesame seeds, black sea salt, pepper, and truffle essence, all coming together in a black-and-white swirled bagel to delight (or depress?) your gothic culinary sensibilities.

The bagel has also been used as the bun of a burger that includes Pat LaFrieda beef, bacon, egg, cheese and truffle mayo.

“Everyone loves a good bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel, and we decided to take that classic and add our own great flavors,” said Joe Isidori, chef and owner of Black Tap. “When we talked to Scott [Rossillo] at The Bagel Store, we told him we wanted to play around with Black Tap’s colors -- black and white -- and he came up with the bagel.”

At the moment, the gothic-bagel-burger chimera is no longer available at Black Tap’s Soho and Meatpacking locations -- it was available for a limited time the weekend of Sept. 9. However, given the extreme popularity of Black Tap’s and The Bagel Store’s previous creations, we predict that it’s only a matter of time before the Instagram appeal, combined with the killer flavor combo, brings this bagel back for good.