The Highway Smells Like A Frat House As A Budweiser Truck Flips Over

A Budweiser truck committed the ultimate party foul today.

On the morning of August 8, the truck was minding its own business on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in New York, when, all of a sudden, BAM! The great tragedy occurred, sending beer cans rolling all across the lanes as the truck flipped over, and making the rush-hour commute even hairier than usual, according to DNAinfo.

"I can smell it from here," said 42-year-old Louie Salvador, while he walked his dog nearby.

Nearly 300 cases of the novelty "America"-branded beer went tumbling across the highway, off the overpass and onto the nearby street. Now, police and witnesses say that the whole area smells like a bar.

"It smells like malt," Salvador said. "They must have some good hops. This Bud's for you."

Sadly, the timing was anything but convenient, causing major delays and completely backing up traffic for miles during rush hour.

"If it happened on the weekend, I'd say, throw a case over," added Salvador.

Fortunately, reports say that the driver appeared uninjured, although he was taken to the hospital in stable condition, reports WABC.

Fuel spilled along with the beer, so the cleanup was anything but easy. Just to begin the process of picking up the mess, two tow trucks had to suspend the trailer, flip it over, and completely empty it of all beer.

It is unknown at this time what exactly caused the big rig to flip over, but we know that it's not a terribly uncommon occurrence -- it happens frequently when the tire of a huge truck strays off the pavement, according to Cochran Firm. When the driver tries to recover quickly by correcting the truck's positioning, the rut between the pavement and soft ground can cause huge trucks to flip far more easily than you might think.

If you're in the area, we hope you were at least able to score some free beer to make up for the long delay!