The Internet Hates 'Hand Salads' With A Fiery Passion

Who knew that people were so dang touchy about terminology?

Food and beverage companies are constantly trying to keep up and be on the cutting edge of the culinary world; their goal is to introduce new innovative foods, recipes, resources and articles that excite, educate and inspire their audience to enjoy their calories more wisely, and to keep them coming back for more.

Unfortunately for Bon Appetit, the magazine took a risk by introducing something called "Hand Salads" on their Twitter yesterday, and ended up receiving major, major backlash from their readers.

The salad in question is essentially a group of romaine lettuce leaves that are splayed out among a fancy looking dipping sauce. The idea is that you use your hand to pick up one of the romaine spears and dunk it in the dip. Tada! Hand Salad.

Now hold your horses, because if you're sitting there scratching your head wondering what about "Hand Salads" is so dang offensive, for once the internet's fury doesn't have to do with the politics of food being abused; people are just getting extra touchy about Bon Appetit's choice of name for the dish.

"Western civilization is done now. Someone please turn off the lights," tweeted one apparently disgusted Twitter user in response to the Hand Salads.

"We call that leaves & sauce where I'm from," another added.

"No," another simply replied.

Maybe I'm just one of the few people in the minority who doesn't see what the big fuss is about, taking some crunchy, firm greens like romaine and using the leaves as vessels for creamy and delicious sauces. But in my opinion, the biggest faux pas Bon Appetit made is that their recipe isn't very ... inspired. I already know how to drench greens with fatty and health-canceling condiments. Show me something new!

What about you? Are you personally offended by Bon Appetit's Hand Salads, and readying your hands to type out some insolent and disparaging tweets at them? Or could you, like me, care less about the terminology, and more about the lack of imagination?