The Internet Is Losing It Over This Homemade Lunchables Hack (Video)

All hail the internet, for it has blessed its users with another trick to prevent death by Sad Desk Lunch. That sweet, sweet trick, ladies and gentlemen, is called homemade Lunchables. 

Introduced in a video by crafting website Smart School House, homemade Lunchables can be made with the food of your choosing, an empty fruit cup or applesauce container and -- the key to any Pinterest-worthy lunch, obviously -- a mason jar (video below).

To make your own homemade Lunchable, fill a short mason jar with with wet ingredients, like milk or deli meats and cheese. Next, put dry ingredients, like cereal or crackers, in an empty container. Place the container on top of the lidded jar, screw on the second part of the lid and stare at your handiwork for an appropriate three seconds. 

And voila, the finished product is ready to be tossed into your backpack or purse. The hardest part is waiting until lunchtime to open it.

Besides the fact that it's a beautiful beacon of convenience and fun, the best thing about the homemade Lunchable is its versatility.

For a more creative lunch, fill the microwave-safe jar with rice, beans and cheese, and add salsa to the applesauce container. To suit the healthier diner, put salad or grilled protein and veggies in the jar, and fill the container with a healthy vinaigrette. The combinations are endless.

Once you've polished off your lunch, place your jar in your bag so you can wash it at home for re-use. With a full stomach and a happy heart, ponder the environmental benefits of your recycled and re-usable lunch packaging, you eco-friendly star.